Unless you are a Disney fanatic you might easily confuse Disney World and Disneyland. I'm going to set the record straight. Disney World is not, never has been and never will be located in California. Disney World is in Florida!

Walt Disney WORLD opened in 1971 (about 16 years after Disneyland). The Magic Kingdom showcased Cinderella's Castle and soon people would be flocking to Disney World to visit  Mickey and the gang. Eventually three more parks would be added and Walt Disney World would expand into what it is today.

It seems like many people who have never visited Walt Disney World do not realize how large it is. There are 22 resort hotels, 100's of restaurants, 2 water parks, a Downtown area with shopping, and so much more. On Disney property you can ride a roller coaster train to see the Yeti. Dine with the Princesses. Play golf. Take a horse and carriage ride. Fly through the air on a hang gliding simulator. Create your own roller coaster. And even experience the best fireworks displays every night. There is so much to do!

This is just a brief, brief overview of Walt Disney World. In the coming weeks I'll try to focus on smaller details in my blog entries. For now, will you take the time to share what you enjoy most about Walt Disney World? Leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading! Have a magical day!

Today's fun fact: Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955. What's so special about that date? Exactly 21 years later I would be born - July 17, 1976. Fate? I think so!
Amy Harrell
1/28/2010 10:11:36 am

What do I love about Disney World? I love the magical way it grabs hold of you and won't let go. I love the way it makes you forget all about "real life" and entices you to just let go and be childlike again! I love the looks that my boys get on their faces when they realize, "Hey! I DO like this crazy roller coaster! Let's ride again and again!" I want to go back!


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