Now that my website has officially turned over to I will be making a few changes to the Facebook page.
  1. The profile picture that you've become accustomed to - sweet Minnie and handsome Mickey - will be going away from the Facebook page sometime within the next week. My new logo will be taking its place. Please take note of this so you do not overlook the posts from me!

  2. This week I announced that I was no longer doing business through private message on Facebook. Frankly, it's a poor business habit - just ask anyone who has a business. I want to keep my personal profile separate from my fan page. It's still very easy to get in contact with me! There are various forms throughout where you can get in touch with me.

Walt Disney World Quote Request - for specific Disney World quotes

Contact Me
- for general questions or if you are unsure about your Disney plans, also for Disney Cruise Line inquiries

Disney in 2012 and Beyond
- for Disney travel after 2011

I am very appreciative to have a large following on Facebook. Thank you all for being a part of the page! Please suggest the page and pass it on to your friends.

Your friend,

The Pink Ear Pixie

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