My name is Amanda Sykora and I am a Disney-holic.

When I was 2 years old I visited Disney World for the first time. The trip consisted of a quick stop to the Magic Kingdom with my mother and my Nannie (my mom's mom) in February 1979. While I do not remember any of the trip, even when my mom tells the story of me falling asleep while eating potato chips in bed after an exhausting day of walking around the Magic Kingdom in a pair of brand new sandals that left blisters the size of grapes on my heels, apparently the experience left a lasting impression that has now manifested into a lifetime of love for all things Disney.

Fast forward, oh, 30-something years, and here I sit wanting to pour out my heart and soul about how Disney has affected my life and why I still become teary eyed when even thinking of being in the presence of Cinderella's Castle. Don't even try and ask my kids what I think about Disney World. Following an eye roll, you'll get an explanation of how my life revolves around planning our next trip - even if that trip is 2 years in the future. And they're right. Whenever we do not have a family vacation in the works I'm miserable!

In late 2009 I realized that I was not able to visit Disney World nearly as often as I'd like. So I decided it was time to reach out and start living vicariously through other Disney World visitors. I started as a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations to help feed the Disney hunger. I can honestly say that I love my job and I have really enjoyed helping other families with their dreams of Disney vacations. During my time as a travel agent I have helped clients from all over the US (including Alaska!) and even a few international clients. My clients mean a lot to me and I'm happy to call many of them my friends.

The Pink Ear Pixie and my blog have been a great source of fun for me. I've been able to share a little about myself and my Disney knowledge with the other Disney followers in cyberspace. Most of my focus for my blog has been about Disney World and Disney Cruise Line discounts and deals, plus new and upcoming events between the two. Occasionally, I will feel the need to write up something silly about a Disney product or Disney character. You never know what you may find on my blog and website.