Booking Your Trip with me as your Disney Travel Specialist

Whether you've been to Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line multiple times, or you're just now planning your very first trip - there are many benefits to booking your vacation with The Pink Ear Pixie. As a Disney travel specialist I love what I do!

Who said nothing in life is free? Booking a Disney vacation with me as your personal travel planner will cost you NOTHING. My services are 100% free to my
clients. It's a win-win situation - you book a trip to your dream destination and you have a free go-to specialist at your disposal.

When booking a client's vacation I first ask for travel dates. This helps me determine what discounts can be applied to the reservation. Disney World typically offers "some" kind of discount for select travel dates throughout the year. Disney Cruise Line occasionally offers discounts on select cruises. An extra service I offer my clients is the assurance that I will keep checking on new discounts for their travel dates. If a client books a reservation and a better discount comes out at a later date, I automatically modify their reservation to reflect the savings. Booking a vacation with The Pink Ear Pixie allows you to sit back and relax and not have to keep up with Disney discount information.

For Disney Cruise Line travelers I also offer extra onboard credit for booking with me. The amount of onboard credit depends on the total cost of the cruise. It can range anywhere from $25 to $100. That's extra money that cruisers can spend on board the ship for souvenirs, spa visits, drinks, Bingo, and other extra touches.

In addition to keeping track of Disney discounts, I also make sure my clients have the best ticket options and dining options for their family. Every family is unique. I work with my clients to find out how many days they plan to visit the parks and what kind of dining preferences they have. This will allow me to recommend the correct tickets and dining plan.

Dining reservations are a big part of travel to Disney World. This is another service I offer for my clients. If they need me to put together restaurant recommendations and make their reservations for them, I will! Not every client needs help, but those that do seem to appreciate this option.

Once dining reservations have been made for Disney World, I list them in the daily itinerary for the client. I put together a personalized daily itinerary for the clients that need them. Again, some clients are experienced Disney World visitors and do not need itinerary help. But others have never visited. And for these clients I list day to day activities in a detailed itinerary.

Each of my clients has their own client page that lists their reservation information and their itinerary with dining reservations. Whether they are a Disney Cruise Line traveler or a Disney World traveler, they will receive log-in information for their password protected page. Within the page there will also be a payment submission form and I've just begun adding a general contact form within each page as well. My clients seem to appreciate their own personal space and most of them visit their pages regularly. It's a nice reminder that their vacation is coming soon!

I love when a client chooses to book a vacation with me because I really enjoy working with families to make their Disney dreams come true. And best of all - I have lots of new friends to share the joy of Disney!
If you are considering a Disney World vacation and start doing research about where to stay and what to do, you may quickly become overwhelmed by all there is to know about Disney. That's where I come in ... As an Disney Vacation Planner I can help you every step of the way to help make the right choices for your family.

Here are a few things to consider when you first start planning --
  • Do you know which resort you'd prefer to stay at? Or do you have a preference of the category of resort - Value, Moderate, Deluxe? Each resort is unique and wonderful in it's own way. I can make some suggestions if you'd like.
  • Do you know your travel dates? Or the number of nights you'd prefer to stay?
  • There are many ticket and dining options. If you are unfamiliar with either of these I can help you decide what is best for your family.
  • A budget? Not everyone has a bottomless wallet! If you are on a budget let me know and we can work out something.
The more I know what you are thinking in terms of your vacation, the better I can help you make decisions. But keep in mind I am here to guide you - not to tell you what to do! :o) 

Once we nail down exactly what you are looking for I can place the package on hold for you for 7 days without a deposit. The deposit amount to book a Disney World package is typically $200. Then you can make payments until your final payment is due at 45 days prior to travel.

Ready to get started? Let's go!
When visiting Disney World which park do you go to first? I ask because most families have a game plan, especially if you've been before.

I've come to the realization that visiting the Magic Kingdom before any of the other parks is the way to go. At least for me. The sight of Cinderella's Castle makes the whole trip seem more real. And even though I'm "old" by some standards, the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite parks.

A few years ago we took our two oldest boys to the World for a few nights. The first park we went to upon our arrival was Animal Kingdom. Now I really enjoy Animal Kingdom and it's uniqueness, but there was something missing being there first. Maybe because it's the newest park at Disney World it doesn't offer too many childhood memories - well, zero actually - whereas the other parks I can relate to because I remember being there as a kid.

For our trip in December 2009 I made sure we visited the Magic Kingdom first thing. It was dark and the castle was glowing beautifully with it's icicle lights - quite a sight! And one unlike I'd seen before as this was my first trip during the holiday season. Walking down the bustling Main Street felt great and it was as if I was home again.

With everything else in my life I have traditions and specific ways of doing things. Disney is no different. I really must see the castle before my vacation begins!
Being my first blog entry I thought I'd give you a brief explanation of what you can expect from this blog. This is where you can go to find my general thoughts on travel, random reviews on travel items, and up to date information about new and upcoming attractions, etc.

Will this blog be mainly about Disney destinations? Probably. Disney is what I know. And while I will from time to time mention other vacation places and cruise lines, I will focus on Disney.

With that said, please check back often for new entries! If you have a recommendation of what you want to see me blog about please leave me a note. Or if you have a comment about an entry, don't hesitate to let me know. I look forward to blogging and I await your feedback!

Happy travels and have a magical day!