I will be traveling to Disney World August 22-28. This is very exciting as it will include many firsts for me - traveling alone with my 3 boys, staying at the All-Stars Movies Resort, eating at certain restaurants, and my very first LIVE trip report!

I am hoping to keep my readers, website visitors, Facebook fans, and friends up to date on what I am doing while at Disney World. Will you follow along? I'd love to hear what you think!

We are only a little over 100 days away from our trip and I can hardly wait!
The time is coming! Only a little over a month left until Toy Story 3 makes it's debut in theaters all over the US. I am very excited about this movie - probably even more excited than my own kids!

With the release of the new movie, Disney World has introduced a new character at Hollywood Studios. Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear will be available to "hug" starting May 9. He will also have a part in the afternoon Block Party Bash parade.

If you are visiting Disney World soon and have a picture to share of yourself and Lots-o', please let me know. I'd love to see it!

The countdown is on - only a little over a month left until Toy Story 3. I know where I'll be the weekend of June 18th!!

You may have seen lots of talk about free dining at Disney World in late summer 2010. But do you really know what it mean and how much it can save your family? I thought I'd share an example to help explain the savings a bit more.

Let's say you are a family of 5 - two adults and three children (ages 11, 8 and 5). You want to travel to Disney World August 22 to August 28 and stay at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Add on the free Disney Magic Your Way Plus Dining and a 7 day base ticket and this is what you get:

Total  $2,198.60
Insurance  $133.90
Grand Total  $2,332.50

That includes 6 table service meals per person, 6 quick service meals per person, and 6 snacks per person. It's an all-inclusive vacation that is very reasonably priced! If you were to travel to Disney during this time without the FREE dining offer the same package would cost $3232.20!!! That's a savings of $900!

So there you have it - true numbers that prove Disney's FREE Dining promotion is awesome! Let me help you plan a trip!