If I could I would visit Disney World every week. But like most Disney World visitors  that don't live in the Orlando area, this is not really an option. Us out of staters live vicariously through people who get to drop by whenever they feel like it.

For people who don't think they can afford a Disney trip and this is what's keeping you away, I want to set the record straight. Visiting Disney World does not have to be pricey. Sure you can spend a fortune on the frills and souvenirs and lots of extras, but you don't have to do this. And this is where a good travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations is important. I can help you find the best deal and the best options for your family.

I was searching vacation dates and pricing earlier (as I tend to do more often than I'd like to admit) and thought I'd pass along the information here as an example. This is for those of you who may not know what a Disney vacation costs.

This particular vacation is for 6 nights at the All-Star Music Resort in the month of April. It's for 2 adults, and 2 children, ages 10 and 6. The package includes 6 day base tickets so you can visit one park per day, the Magic Your Way Plus Quick-Service Dining, plus a $300 gift card to spend while you are at Walt Disney World. So in a nutshell this vacation package includes almost everything you will need during your stay. What's the price?


Think about it. When you rent a vacation home at the beach for a week, how much do you spend? $1800 for the house. $200 on food. Maybe another $200 to $300 on entertainment while you're there. The Disney price above includes lodging, food, and entertainment. Not to mention free transportation while on Disney property (park your car and never move it) and there's always a pool to swim in!

And this price is not alone. There are many other dates and packages that are similar and may be even better than this, depending on what you are looking for. To top it all off Disney has extended the discount on rooms through August 14, 2010. So throughout this summer you can now save at least 25% on your room rates!

What I'm getting at is this - don't be afraid to consider a Disney vacation. And when you find out the price keep it in perspective. Add up what you usually spend for a summer vacation (every penny!) and you might even find that Disney will save you money!

Don't hesitate - let me give you a free quote!
Pin Trading became popular at Walt Disney World around the year 2000. Since then the phenomenon has become a favorite past time of Disney visitors. Young and old alike, can take part in pin trading with cast members all over the Disney parks and resorts. All you need is a lanyard to display your pins and a few pins to get you started. The pins can be purchased in almost all of the stores at the Walt Disney Resort. They range in price from $6.95 for the simple pins, to $14.95 for the limited edition or specialty pins

Pictured is an example of one of my family's lanyards with some of our pins. Each of the pins here were either purchased at Disney World or traded with one of the cast members. My boys really enjoy pin trading and it gives them a chance to approach cast members from all over the world and start a conversation with them. They really got into it during our December 2009 trip. It was a lot of fun watching them pick and choose which pins they wanted.

When trading with a cast member be sure to be on the lookout for the special pins that are only available from cast members. These pins are not available to purchase in the shops so they are very coveted and rare!

Thanks for reading and have a magical day!

Even though it's been many years I will never forget the first time I rode the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was a few years after it had opened but it was the first opportunity I'd had to make it to Disney World. At first glance I wasn't sure what to think since the coaster is entirely indoors, and the building from the outside doesn't give away anything about the coaster.

Inside you stand in line and eventually make it into a recording studio where you "meet" Aerosmith, the stars of the attraction. Aerosmith is in a hurry to leave for a concert across town. They invite you along in a streeeetch limo to join them backstage. At this point the doors open and you leave the studio into the boarding area. The coaster train looks like a limo! Sit down and strap in because you're about to hit the streets at high speed!

My first ride was as a single rider. I sat down in the car and really had no idea what to expect. The headrest has speakers in it and Aerosmith tunes blast into your ears. Then the countdown begins and in 2.8 seconds you'll go from 0 to 60! It's a fantastic rush!

The twists and turns of the coaster take place in darkness except for the glowing large icons you'll see around you - street signs, billboards, etc. It's a very cool experience and one that coaster buffs to coaster fraidy cats will enjoy because it's such a smooth ride.

That first ride was such fun. And since then I've been on it many more times. My kids have loved it too. On our trip in December 2009 my 8 and 10 year olds rode it many, many times. They couldn't get enough! Thank goodness for Fast Passes!

For those that want to take children on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster the height minimum is 48". I'd recommend it for kids ages 8 and up. But keep in mind it's very fast and very dark. There are lots of twists, turns and 3 inversions!

Something you may not know: The fictional record company is called G-Force Records. Remember the Disney movie "G-Force" that was released in 2009?  :o)  Disney has a great sense of humor!

Rumor has it that Aerosmith could be replaced in the near future. Who would you like to see as the next band featured in the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster? KISS? Queen? Def Leppard? Bon Jovi? Or "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?