This is our second attempt at going to Disney. The first attempt was a few years ago but due to my husband’s command we had to cancel our trip. So, we decided to go all out for this trip.  When Emma was born my mom and I were dreaming of taking a trip when she turned 5.  Well, guess what?!?!  I can’t believe it but, my baby girl is turning is 5!!!! 

Almost immediately after my daughter's 4th birthday I started dreaming about her 5th birthday.  My husband was out on a ship so I couldn’t do anything permanent but I could dream!  Then I got the email about the military tickets…  I immediately got on the phone with Disney and made our reservations.  Since I was dreaming I decided to dream big and we went with the club level at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  (We are also a family of animal lovers, so this makes sense to us)  Well, after a few days my husband came home and I asked if we could really do this.  Of course he said yes to all of my requests!  Remember, when I said that my MOM and I had been dreaming of taking this trip?  Well, one of the things I asked for was if my mom and dad could come with us and if WE could pay for them to join us.  So, my daughter will be getting two major surprises right away, one that we are going to Disneyworld (we aren’t telling her until we show up at the park) AND Granny and Papa will be there too!  (She is really very close to my mom and dad, even though they live so far away.)

I checked blogs, I looked at websites, I was immediately OBSESSED and could not wait for our 180 days so I could make our advanced dining reservations!  The very first reservation I was hoping for was Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast ON her birthday.  But, my princess can’t go to a princess breakfast without looking like a princess… So, our first stop on that day will be the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.  Since we are staying on the club level I figure we will grab a snack from the club and then ride the shuttle over to MK.  I am hoping for true magic on this day.  (Actually, I am hoping for true magic on the entire trip, but, this day is the most important in my mind) 

For the rest of the trip I am basically planning on one park per day.  (However, I see us going back to MK if we find any free time)  Hoping to be able to relax a little bit, this is a vacation after all, I only made ADR’s for breakfast and dinner.  Lunch will be as you please (if you please) I did decide to put us on the dining plan, because, well, honestly, I am not that great of a budgeter and if our meals are paid for in advance, I don’t have to worry about that part of the budget.  (Did I mention that I also signed up for the wine and dine, so we will get a bottle of wine each day?) 

Finally, as you may have noticed, I said that I called Disney myself.  That is because I had not heard of The Pink Ear Pixie yet!  We talked and she was able to convince me to transfer my reservations over to her.  It won’t cost me anymore and she will get paid through Disney!  What else could I do to help another mother out?  I can’t wait to see what kind of magic she creates with her pixie dust!           


Paula Peppers
05/30/2011 20:16

We took our daughter for her fourth birthday; did a late breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table and it worked out great! Sounds like your plans are similar to what ours were. In order to get the most out of the Disney dining plan we planned for breakfast and dinner. You don't want to eat a heavy meal throughout the middle of the day. Plus keep in mind that if you have any extra snack credits left you can stock up for your trip home! :)
We are thinking of staying at the Animal Kingdom next time so I hope you let us know how it was!
I pray your daughter has an AWESOME Disney birthday and that your trip goes as you've always wished!!
Also, I thank you for all the sacrifices you all have made. Military people, families included, get my upmost respect.
Love, Hugs, and Pixie Dust!
-Paula :o)


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